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JUST IN TODAY: Senators commit to work with Duterte in fight vs. illegal drugs as response to Duterte's call

A few representatives on Wednesday resolved to work with President Rodrigo Duterte after the CEO said he will look for the assistance of both places of Congress to take care of the issue of illegal drugs in the country in the nation.

Senator Panfilo Lacson, chairman of the Senate board of trustees on public order and dangerous drugs, said calling the help of the administrative branch was "long in coming."

“Calling the members of both houses of Congress to assist is long in coming, but it’s never too late. I’m thankful that he acknowledges that he can’t do it alone and needs our assistance to defeat the drug menace,” Lacson said in a text message to reporters.

“He has my unequivocal support in the fight against illegal drugs even without being asked, like every peace loving Filipino should,” Lacson said.

“It is a peace and order problem but also a public health problem and needs to be approached that way. Also, funding will be needed for rehabilitation and other solutions so working with both houses of Congress is ideal,” Angara said in a text message.

“To fight this enormous menace to our society and the youth, all branches of government, executive, legislative and judiciary should work together to formulate long-term solutions to end illegal drugs,” Gatchalian said.

“I think this is a good idea to have a multi-agency/multi-institution approach to this problem so that everyone has buy-in and support to the initiative,” Villanueva said.

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