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Jim Paredes Praises President Duterte on ‘Separation’ from US, Recalls APO Song ‘American Junk’ (Video)

Interestingly, famous artist author Jim Paredes lauded President Rodrigo Duterte. A known supporter of Liberal Party (LP), the previous APO Hiking Society part has been reprimanding Duterte notwithstanding amid his presidential crusade. Yet, now, it gives the idea that Jim Paredes had a change of heart, particularly on the issue of US-Philippine relationship.

“Ok. I have seen the light. Dut kicking out US finally made APO’s American Junk a reality, 27 years later. Better late than never.” Jim Paredes tweeted this Sunday, October 23 to his 1.1 million Twitter followers. Be that as it may, for reasons unknown, the said tweet has been erased in under a hour after it opened up to the world. As of posting, he has not yet tweeted once more. [source]

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