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Jessica slams De Lima:'Kung hindi totoo ang video mo, sampahan mo sila ng kaso! d mo magawa dahil mas mabubulatlat ka lang!'

Senator Leila De Lima faces a great deal of controversy ever since she proclaimed her bold stand against the highest ranking official of the land, President Rodrigo Duterte and the alleged extrajudicial killings that have turned 'widespread' since his term began. 

After the heated word war against the President and the big revelations and accusations against her claiming that she was having an illicit affair with her driver who was apparently married, Duterte have also accused her of collecting her campaign money from the drug lords of the New Bilibid Prison and allowed the proliferation of the drug activities inside the penitentiary, the senator has since then been on hot waters as she draws more criticisms from allies and supporters of the President. 

Among the many staunch critics of De Lima, another rises and questions the senator expressing her frustration and anger towards De Lima in video. Mareng Jessica points out the senator's antics and commercial dramas saying that it will not help her in gaining the sympathy of the people. Furthermore recalling her tenure during her days as the Justice Secretary and criticizing it.

Mareng Jessica did not hold back as she slams De Lima and incessantly emphasized the many allegations the senator faces. [source]

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