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Israel Accepts Duterte’s Apology: “We Accept And Know It Is Not Intentional”

The Israeli Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau has spoken and said that they accept President Duterte’s apology wholeheartedly for it is not intentional.
President Duterte sincerely apologized to Israel last Tuesday stating that it was not his intention to cause any commotion between the Philippines and Israel. He’s just showing how critics and political foes from other countries portrayed him.
On the other hand, here’s what Matityau said:
He is the President. He said it was never intentional so we accept his apology, from the start we knew his personality already and we know it is not intentional. He made it clear what was already clear and known, that he did not mean disrespect to the Jewish people.
The President’s words speak for themselves and they are genuine coming from his heart. We believe that any reference to Nazi Germany that is not in the context of the most evil empire is not going to achieve anything and will be counterproductive.
The Nazi empire murdered endless millions of people not for their wrongdoings but rather for being different race or religion. [source]

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