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Isidro dating two drug lords; If she comes out to deny exclusive photos will be released!

MANILA — A research done by DW-TV3 investigative journalist Andrews has revealed that Filipino ace Actress Agot Isidro is dating two Drug Lords of which one died in a recent raid by the Police.

The information gathered indicates that the other Drug Lord who name is Alexandro appears on Duterte’s list of drug peddlers.

DW-Tv3 is in possession of exclusive photos of actress Agot Isidro and the said drug lords and we would be releasing them if she comes out to deny. [source]


  1. Cherry pie picache yes we are aware of that you are celebrities and people adore you and look up to you and that's the very reason why we are very angry. Agot should have been more careful in addressing our president. He is not just an ordinary person she can maligned just like that. Me pananagutan sya bilang isang celebrity. She should have been more careful with her words. Fan pa naman nya ako and I'm in shock sa sinabi nya.

    isang celebrity so she should have been more careful with her words.

    1. Our president should have been more careful too with his words when speaking in public and in front of the world leaders. All more that he is our president, not just some celebrity. He started it, which is why people lose more respect on him with the way he speaks.

  2. Tumigil nga kayo napakasensitive naman, sabi nga ni PDigong 'freedom to express'.. di ka pa nasanay may 'Abnoy' nga dati di ba, may 'Brenda'.. so ok lang yan...

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