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I believe that there is really somebody there, my presidency is really destiny says Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte told businessmen that he wasn’t bothered by rumors that he won’t finish his six-year term in Malacanang because whether he gets killed in one year or ejected by lawmakers in two years, he believed it was all part of God’s plan.
“If i cut short of my presidency or if I’m ousted next year, that is part of my destiny as president only for one year. If I get assassinated then that is part of God’s plan that you be there for only two years or one year and you die,” said the President.
The President had earlier claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency has ordered a hit on him for his rabid anti-America rhetoric and that the “yellow army” was moving to impeach him.

“If I’m ousted fine, wala naman akong ginastos. I don’t have to worry about millions of loss dahil wala kong pera. I will not die if I don’tcompete the six years,” said Duterte.
That he won even without the help of the kingmakers from business proved that God had planned it all, according to Duterte.
“I believe that there is really somebody there, my presidency is really destiny,” said Duterte [source]

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  1. President DU30 is sacrificing himself for the love of country! Never I seen a man whose passion is to elevate the lives of each and every Pilipino in such level. Those claiming a decent educated who couldn't understand this is a FUCKING SELFISH type of people. I'm wondering if they were thinking that we are all going to die, anyway.


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