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Gordon slams UN “Why Are You Not Questioning The US For The Chicago Killings?, That is 545 Murders In One City Only!"

The United Nations (UN) is being accused by Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon of focusing only on the so-called “extrajudicial killings” happening in the Philippines while United States have a series of its own murders. He cited that Chicago has recorded more than 500 murders since January 1 and that the UN should also be questioning the US for these killings. With that said, his challenge is directed to the UN and its members on how the Philippines is being an underdog and that they are totally biased on the United States.
“Yung sinasabi natin, 545 murders sa Chicago, isang siyudad sa United States of America, bakit hindi ginugulpi ng UN yan? Isang siyudad lamang sa America, siyudad kung saan galing si President Obama. Sa ating tatlong libo, sa buong Pilipinas”, said Sen. Gordon.
He compared the statistics and said that based on the number of deaths on that city alone, it should be probed rather than the Philippines.
“One killing is bad, but nagmamagaling ang mga puti. Let him without sin cast the first stone. Why is the UN not questioning the US for the Chicago killings?”

He also said some notions about the administration taking some shortcuts that the Senate’s ongoing probe means that our country is still following the rule of law.
“The rule of law is still amongst us. The problem is the rule of law will only happen kung may testigo.”


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