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Fearless Remarks Of Gordon On De Lima's Walk Out:' Do not abuse and do a hit and run. The Senate is bigger than all of us!'

After the infamous  walk out of Senator Leila de Lima during Senate hearing on alleged extrajudicial killings, Senator Richard Gordon, who happens to be the chairman of the said hearing, expressed his thought and said,

The Committee on Justice has bended over backwards, extending time, giving everyone wide latitude, all in the spirit of taking it as far as it will go to ferret the truth. But do not abuse and do a hit and run. The Senate is bigger than all of us. Nobody should walk out on it.
Many agree with the senator's remark saying,

I salute you Senator Dick Gordon!! thank you so much for seeking the truth.. I would like to inform that we support you all the way and we watched the senate hearing from the start..congratulations Senator Dick Gordon for a job well done🙏👊
I agree this proceeding is useless and should already be terminated. Such a waste of our tax. Might as well file the necessary case already to those people (de lima, et al) in court so we could finally focus on important things. We are all fed up with de lima's drama.
Why would you allow Sen. Delima shout on top of her voice and disrespect the senate by walking out?! this is so unacceptable! I used to be her supporter and even voted for her! but seeing what she has become is a disgrace and shame! she has become arrogantly uncontrollable! this is clearly an act of contempt in the senate session! Shame on her and on Trillanes! #ShameDelima #ShameTrillanes #WhyAllow
This was posted on Gordon's Facebook page and now has more than 1,700 shares. [source]

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