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Famous Female Celebrities Who Are Loyal Supporters of President Duterte

Mocha Uson has been trending on the social media since the presidential campaign started. She has been a consistently vocal supporter of the President. She has gained many followers since and continues to stand firm on her belief to Duterte despite the controversies. But did you know that aside from Uson, there are other actresses who are vocal in their support for the President?

For one, is sexy actress Ellen Adarna who shared how she was fined P10,000 forsmoking in Davao. However, she took it to heart and praised Duterte for being firm in implementing peace and order. 

Another is the OPM legendDulce Amor Cruzata who posted pictures of her with Duterte, expressing her support for the man. 

Comedienne-actress Angelica Panganiban was also one of the happiest when Duterte confirmed his run for the President. She shared how she would definitely vote for him and called it "the most awaited" decision of the year. 

Sexy actress Bangs Garcia also shared her support for Duterte publicly on her social media account. 

Another is Kristine Hermosa together with her husband Oyo Boy Sotto who completely campaigned for Duterte before the elections.

Kat de Castro, a journalist and the current Undersecretary of the Department of Tourism posted pictures of her and Duterte in her Social Media accounts in support for him. [source]

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