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Erwin Tulfo slams Isidro: "Change is hard to accept if one is used to old habit. LAOS NA KASI!"

Agot Isidro made herself in hot water when she commented something about the President Rodrigo Duterte. She indicated that Rody should seek a professional help. She recommended that Digong should seek for a psychiatrist because according to her belief, Rodrigo Duterte's latest speech reflects his rude behavior.

Duterte followers emerged and bashed Agot following her Facebook post.

Well known Duterte Supporter Erwin Tulfo reacts on Isidro's viral Facebook's post against  Duterte.

In his twitter post,the veteran journalist  accused the actress-singer for using Duterte's fame to be in spotlight again since she is already "LAOS" (infamous) . [source]

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