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Duterte's Foreign Policy Was Used By Singapore And Malaysia And Made Them Successful says Manny Villar

Previous Senator Manny Villar reaffirmed this amid a meeting with Business Mirror. Villar called attention to previous Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and previous Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew who likewise utilized a similar approach and pronounced an autonomous outside strategy amid their reign in power. 

The Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir additionally jettisoned Western Economic Policies and forced capital punishment for medication traffickers in spite of incredible clashes, for example, the execution of outside suspects. Malaysia's 'Look East' arrangement gave Malaysia the flexibility to build up better relations both regarding strategy and financial matters, with created Asian nations, for example, Korea and Japan.

Villar defended the President saying the independent foreign policy does not mean to make adversaries but rather advance the enthusiasm of the country first before others.

“What we need, and what I believe the President wants to establish, is not a pro-US foreign policy or a pro-China foreign policy, but a pro-Filipino foreign policy. We can be friends with all countries because it serves our interest to do so." said Villar.  [source]

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