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Duterte to Filipinos: 'Huwag kayo mag alalala, we will never compromise our dignity as Filipino'

President Rodrigo Duterte took a defiant stand against the United States subtle threat to embargo all foreign aid to the country in protest against his lethal war against illegal drugs.
‎In a speech Thursday, Duterte dared the US to go ahead and cut its assistance to the Philippines because he would not heed US President Barack Obama’s advice to do his police operations the right way.
Duterte said he would be the first to go hungry a first to die of hunger in his fight to keep the dignity of the Philippines from what he perceived as bullying ans undue interference from the US.
We have a problem here trying to preserve our society and you (US) mess it up human rights? Tinatakot niyo pa kami. Assistance, assistance ano paningin nyo sa amin? How do you look at us? Mendicants? Sige lang di kami sunod sunod, we will survive maski magkahirap dito we will survive, said Duterte.‎

I’ll be the first one to go hungry, I’ll be the first one to die of hunger. Huwag kayo mag alalala but we will never never compromise our dignity as Filipino, said Duterte.‎
Duterte said the US has refused to understand the rea
Hirap na nga nirereape na nga 11 yr old araw araw it’s a cycle of violence for everybody…..(incidents) di nila naintindihan You’ll never understand the pain that were suffering. For my countrymen go away bring your money to somewhere else we wil survive as a nation pero tignan natin there is always a day of reckoning di lahat ng panahon inyo e‎. [source]


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