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Duterte to order daily monitoring of corruption

President Rodrigo Duterte will arrange the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to direct day by day checking of degenerate people both in government and the private division. 
Talking upon his landing in the Davao International Airport from a three-day state visit to Japan on Thursday night, the President said defilement keeps on pulling the nation down. 

He said he was alluding to government authorities as well as private people who degenerate government powers. 
Duterte said he will arrange the NBI to lead a test and way of life beware of government authorities and work force. 
Removing joining and debasement is a piece of the Duterte organization's plan to lift Filipinos out of destitution and enhance the economy. 
"“There will be monitoring every day. I will give you a clean government," said the President. [source]

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