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Duterte to Gov't Employees: Resist Temptation in this Temporary World and be True Servant-Leaders

President Duterte said in his message during the Observance of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day  yesterday.

As he joined the Catholics in remembering departed loved ones, Duterte said, “these two events remind us that, even though all things come to pass, our deeds will outlast our mortal lives.”

“No amount of success, power, or position can ever compensate for the greed and corruption of human character. Truly, Christ was right in asking the question: ‘For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet forfeit his own soul?,’” he added.

He also mentioned the Government employees and all Filipinos to resist temptation and to become a true servant-leaders.

“I, therefore, ask my fellow workers in government and the entire Filipino people to heed not the temptations of the temporal world. Let us, rather, answer the call to be true servant-leaders; let us accumulate riches, not for ourselves, but for future generations and for the life that comes after,” he said.

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