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Duterte seeks review of EDCA: Walang pirma si Aquino

Apparently there’s one key ingredient missing in the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) signed by the governments of the United States (US) and the Philippines–former president Benigno Aquino III’s signature.
“Itong EDCA, walang pirma si Aquino,” Duterte bared in his speech during the 37th Masskara festival in Negros Occidental.
According to him, the pact was only signed by then-Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, not Aquino.
“Better think twice now, because I will be asking you to leave the Philippines,” Duterte said, referring to the American forces in the country.
Duterte said he would order a review of the EDCA signed by the Philippines and US.
“The Americans stayed here for 50 years. Kaya sila may colonial syndrome kasi akala nila under pa rin nila tayo,” he further commented.
The EDCA was signed in April 2014, hours before US President Barack Obama arrived in the country for a state visit. Aquino was Philippine president at that time.

The agreement allowed for American military structures in the Philippines as well as storage of weapons, supplies, transportation and personnel for a period of 10 years.
Last July, the Supreme Court (SC) upheld with finality the constitutionality of EDCA via 9-4 vote.
The Philippines and US have been mutual defense treaty allies since the 1950s. [source]

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