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Duterte says anti- smoking ban to include shishas, e-cigarettes; smokers have to go out to get their fix

President Rodrigo Duterte ‎said that he would sign an executive order adopting a more stringent ban on smoking patterned after his Davao City model.
“‎It will be followed and the implementation will follow the Davao experience,” said Duterte to confirm reports that an anti-smoking EO was waiting his signature.

The EO wil impose tighter rules on smoking set under Republic Act 9211 or The Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003. This means more stringent ban on smoking in public places and inclusion of shishas, electronic device systems, e-cigarettes similar to the Davao City model.
“If you want to smoke, find a place where it is allowed. Now, I’ve always been against even building a structure inside just to accommodate smokers. That ain’t the way. It must be out, it must not be in an enclosed cubicle inside the building,” said Duterte.
Duterte is issuing a new EO because the current anti-smoking rules were “not good enough.”
“The statistics would show you, there is no debate on that, we will die of cancer if we will continue to mess up with nicotine‎,” said Duterte. [source]

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