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Duterte is a good President says Businessmen 'He is humble, he is very honest, traits that's very important!'

For whatever its worth, a president — who is honest and humble– is what makes President Duterte endear not just to the public but also to the businessmen doing business in the Philippines.
George Barcelon, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), said these characteristics are good enough for the business community to cast their support to Duterte.
“It’s just an observation but I think it’s very important. You know, lately we’ve seen, those who are asking how the President would take comments ‘no, suggestions,” he said.
“The two letter ‘h’ that comes to mind: he’s humble and he’s honest. We’ve seen on the TV that he apologized. Rarely if you see somebody on top, at high level, that they realize that they, that, and they’re honest enough to say “I’m wrong.” Okay. So with that, I think it’s a good sign that he listens. Okay,” Barcelon said.
Duterte had apologized twice in public– first over the wrong inclusion of a local official in his drug matrix and then to the Jewish community over his remarks about the Hitler and the holocaust.
Duterte has been flak with criticisms over the human rights abuses that couple his anti-drug campaign.
“And the most important thing is with the President, his heart is in his right place. So when somebody whose heart is in the right place and who listens, I think the chance for us na umangat tayo is very high. Thank you,” he added.

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