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Derek Ramsay Stand On Campaign Against Illegal Drugs

Ramsay said in an interview that everyone is entitled to due process. Police should be sure also in identifying the allegedly persons that are involved in drugs.

"I'm anti-drugs. I've always been anti-drugs. For me, dapat walang pinipili, whether artista ka or ordinaryong tao, mayaman ka or businessman. Kung gumagamit ka or nagtutulak ka ng drugs, you should be stopped," Ramsay said.

Ramsay added that the drug users should look for help and must be given a second chance to live a new life.

"These people should be given a chance to go to rehab and change. It's hard to turn his life around then you will going to exploit it to the public. Baka magka relapse naman. They should be very careful."

With regards to showbiz personalities linked into drugs, Ramsay said that the celebrities should not be excluded from the government's bloody war against illegal drugs. There should be a solid evidence to prove the allegations and not just based on 'hearsay'.

"Being a celebrity, that doesn't make us better than everybody else. We're still the same as everybody. If you are involved in illegal substances and you don't want to stop, you should be put out there," he said.

"Bago sila maglabas, dapat talaga sigurado kasi masisira mo ang buhay ng tao. If it's just hearsay, I don't think you should (announce it). But if you're 100 percent sure na this person was given a chance to stop what he's doing pero patuloy parin, I think, yes, you should expose that in the public," Ramsay added.

"We're not better than everybody else. We're celebrities and that's our line of work. We have more responsibility because there are so many people, especially the youth, who look up to us."

Ramsay reiterates that there should be a strong evidence to present before tagging someone's name.

"I don't think that most celebrities are on drugs. Siguro ginagawa lang yan to cause some ingay kasi sikat, kasi kilala, mas maraming tao ang makikinig at maiintriga pag artista ang gumagamit," he said. [source]

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