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Barbers at Pitchay Ng Magsuntokan!

The Charter change debate heats up at the House of Representatives when Surigao Del Norte Rep. Robert “Ace” Barbers and Surigao Del Sur Rep. Prospero Pichay Jr. almost got into a fistfight due to misunderstanding and foul words.

The conflict started between the two when Pichay disagrees with Deputy Speaker Cebu Rep. Garcia’s recommendation to the plenary the constituent assembly as a mode of Charter change.

Pichay disagrees and said:

The Constitution says Congress, not the House of Representatives. The resolution should be amended to invite the upper chamber to join us as far as the direct amendment is concerned.- Pichay

On the other hand, Rep. Barbers fires back to Pichay, he even stated that this is such a stupid motions.

This is a point of order. Let us not be entertaining senseless motions, those are stupid motions. Let’s not pretend to be constitutionalists here. –Barbers [source]

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