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Bahala ka na: Lacson gives up, Duterte doesn’t listen to advice

President Rodrigo Duterte will now have to brace for the consequences of his refusal to heed many people’s advice to watch what he says, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Wednesday.
Lacson said Duterte’s claim he would not listen to calls to watch his mouth is now “his call,” adding Duterte should do “what he deems fit.”
“That’s his call. And kung ayaw nya mag-shut ng mouth, it’s up to him. And it seems hindi talaga siya tinatablan ng advice. So what he deems fit yan na lang gawin niya,” he said.
Duterte on Tuesday rejected calls even from allies such as Sen. Richard Gordon to refrain from making potentially harmful statements.
Lacson also noted Duterte’s latest tirades, including telling outgoing US president Barack Obama to “go to hell,” are “unnecessary” but can have an effect on the target of the verbal attack.
“These are unnecessary comments, yung go to hell. For what? Pero ang impact sa kabilang party, masyadong matindi,” he said. [source]

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