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Australian Man Mistakenly Accused of Illegal Drugs in Makati Blames Corrupt Cops, Not President Duterte

Damian Berg, the Australian man whom Makati police accused of selling drugs last June was proven ‘not guilty’ by a Makati court 3 months later, after a CCTV footage has proved that he is innocent. Recently, he was interviewed by Australian news which apparently connected his ordeal to President Rodrigo Duterte’s intensified war against war.

Based on earlier local reports, Damian Berg was arrested last June 20, along with a Canadian citizen, after they were allegedly caught in the act selling illegal drugs in the streets of Makati. Authorities said that 170 high-grade ecstasy pills “cookie monster,” worth P250,000 were recovered from them. That time, Noynoy Aquino was still the president.

But on September 15, a Makati court found Damian Berg innocent of the charge after CCTV footage in the area revealed that he was not arrested in the street, as the police earlier claimed. Instead, he was seen being pulled from the hotel where he was staying. It then appeared that the Australian was a victim of a frame-up. In short, he was acquitted.

Berg, who has a Filipina wife and has a good-paying job here in the Philippines as a contract administrator, told Australian news that a group of armed men knocked at his hotel room at around 11 pm on June 20. He said he was forced to come down to the streets, but refused to tell him what’s going on, so he initially thought they were robbers.

The Australian man said the men found no drugs in his possession, which is why he was surprised later that there was ‘evidence’ found. He said he was immediately brought to the police station, had his mugshot, and was charged for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, only to find out later that the supposed evidence was only planted.

Damian and his wife are now in Australia after living in the Philippines for 3 years. Recently, he talked to a friend and their conversation was shared at Sass Rogando Sasot Facebook page. Here, he said he is blaming the corrupt police officers who framed him up. He clarified that he is not blaming President Duterte, and he even wished him all the best. [source]

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