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Abella slams Critics 'Use Your Creativity, Duterte’s Statements Are Just Expressions Of Frustration'

The Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella reminds the public to use their creative imagination to understand Duterte’s statements. According to Abella, people should not only focus on the things they want to hear from President Duterte,
Dapat intindihin natin yung word na ‘cut ng ties’ it’s a possibility. It’s not a definite yes, it’s not a definite no, he said he might.- Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella

In regards to the recent statement of President Duterte, Abella believes that it was just expressions of frustration that people, as well as the international media, failed to understand.
He carefully calibrates his statements so along that line, if we follow his style, let us not simply just put a period at the end of Duterte’statements.

People should also wait for our President to clarify his statement, instead of any informal conclusions.
Let’s wait for his clarifications regarding the matter. Wag tayo masyadong literal. [source]

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