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1,800 Chinese Elite Police Deployed to Secure President Duterte

The People’s Armed Police, China’s police agency has deployed more than 1,800 elite Special Forces to secure the 1 kilometer radius of the hotel where President Duterte and his entourage will be staying for four days.

According to PAP spokesman Col. Yi Ming Gao, this is the first time that China’s highest ruler has ordered more than 1,000 police units for an important visitor. Gao said part of the police duty is to make sure no “suspected bad guys” could come closer to Duterte as his office has received several information that there are people who want to harm the Philippine president while he is in China.

Gao also added that Duterte is considered “a very special guest.

“Whatever bad things happens to President Duterte under our care will be a total nightmare for this country”, Gao said.

The name of the hotel where President Duterte stays has been kept from public according to Gao.

“Only government-employed media can come close to the Philippine president while he is staying in his hotel”, Gao said.

The officer earlier told Xinhua News Agency that “outside forces are planning to harm Duterte and humiliate China on International stage”. He did not give the details about the said information, but media assumed that he was referring to US and its European allies. /Melissa Oñate Chang/facebook-share [source]


  1. Really? How come there was no video footage of this military men in complete gear when the president arrived at the airport and when the entourage were walking on the streets on their way to the restaurant in downtown Beijing?!!! I guess this is just an exaggerated false report done by our irresponsible media people!!!������

  2. Fake or not, such security details won't br disclosed. If you are trying to secure your VIP, don't give out too much information lol

    Even publishing images could jeopardize the whole operation.

  3. maybe. because china is drug lords territory.

  4. Its a common sense to reveal such a very important and tight security to our Philippines President.but thanks for that VIP treatment to our Philippines President..

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