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WATCH: President Duterte DID NOT Call Obama “Son Of A Whore”

After the discourse of the President wherein he educated his gathering of people that he is leaving for Laos for the ASEAN summit, he has been assaulted by the media once more. 

After the discourse, he inquired as to whether there are any inquiries. One columnist got some information about extrajudicial killings and what he will tell alternate pioneers on the off chance that they ask him. The President answered: 

"To whom will I deliver myself to? Who will pose the question? May I know?" 

This is the point at which some individual in the group of onlookers said, "As Obama, Sir" 

This is the place everything beginning. Everybody who comprehends Tagalog will have the capacity to tell that he is tending to the journalists and not Obama when he reviled.
The international media are apparently twisting things. Watch this video below:

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