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WATCH: National Minimum Wage Approved!

Labor Secreatary Silvestre Bello III shares the government's interest in hiking up province's salary rates to match Metro Manila in hopes of decongesting the country's capital.

Bello says the government is proposing a "national minimum wage law" for salary adjustments.

"President Rodrigo Duterte wants Metro Manila and provincial workers to have the same wage --- Many people flock to Manila because of the salary rate, in turn, Metro Manila suffers from overpopulation," he said.

Bello said the government is hoping for the approval of the wage hike bill by the month of October.

He also told reporters that they are now amidst revoking contractualization to favor the marginalized.

"By the end of 2016, we will reduce the incidents of endo and contractualization by 50%. By the end of 2017, there will be no more endo and contractualization." [source]

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