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WATCH: 'Matobato's Family and Relatives 'He keeps on talking, He keeps on making stories, He's lying'

Edgar Matobato got the attention of the public after he testified against the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte and claimed that he is one of the members of the ‘Davao Death Squad’ who allegedly killed criminals during Duterte’s term as Mayor of Davao City.
CNN Philippines interviewed the known relatives of Matobato and they shared interesting stories about the self proclaimed member of Davao Death Squad.

According to Nina Capao, mother-in-law of Edgar Matobato, many people feared him in Samal Island because he is always armed. She shared that Edgar was always armed to exploit people for money.
Capao said that Matobato was always hurting his wife and children because of jealousy, but they denied that Matobato’s wife is cheating.
They also said that Matobato don’t really know President Duterte on personal and he always keeps on talking and making stories that not really true.
Many alleged victims of Matobato were happy that the self proclaimed member of ‘Davao Death Squad’ leaves Samal and they shared many stories about his bad activities in the Island. [source]

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