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'There is a battle bigger than drugwar' says Duterte. Find out what!

Two recent explosions in his home town and overseas in the United States have opened President Rodrigo Duterte’s eyes about just how big the war against terrorism would be in the future.
“But you know terrorism is everywhere. New York just blew up. So there’s no escape,” Duterte said in a speech Sunday evening (September 18) in Davao City.
The Chief Executive was referring to the Saturday bombing of Manhattan’s Chelsea district wherein 29 people were injured. Reports said that the blast was intentional.
“That is the next great battle of the century. [The battle between] Terrorism and civilization,” Duterte reckoned.
The Chelsea blast took place just a week after the 15th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks, which also involved New York.
The Duterte government is currently running after those responsible for the “Black Friday” bombing in Roxas Avenue, Davao City last September 2 wherein 14 people perished.
Some 70 others were also injured in the attack, which was later claimed by the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).
Primarily a group of kidnappers, the ASG claims to have links with jihadist militant group ISIS. Duterte has vowed to crush the ASG. [source]

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