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PNP Identified 3 Suspects in Davao Explosion

Philippine National Police (PNP) boss Director General Ronald dela Rosa said they are researching the association of two females and a male as three individuals of enthusiasm for last Friday's bomb exposion. 

In an open meeting Saturday evening at Police Regional Headquarters in Camp Catitipan, DelaRosa said witnesses showed that three individuals could have left the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in the impact zone. 

Be that as it may, Dela Rosa, would not give encourage purposes of enthusiasm of the three personalities. He was not likewisebeyond any uncertainty if the three are still in the city. 

Dela Rosa said they were starting now cross-organizing the three characters to a show of ten speculated fear based oppressors. 

Dela Rosa said they were furthermore sitting tight for the post-affect report of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit. 


Dela Rosa said the IED was made from a mortar round in perspective of the parts taken from the zone where the bomb detonated 

Dela Rosa said that the bomb is immovably in likeness to the stamp IED of Abdul Manap Mentang, the suspect in the Valentine's Day blockading of the Davao City Ecoland Terminal in 2005. Mentang keeps focused free. 

Dela Rosa, regardless, said it could be possible that Mentang was incorporated into the night advertise impact in Roxas last Friday night. 

In the meantime, Police Regional Office XI Director Manuel Gaerlan attested they have eight witnesses who could help in their examination. 

Gaerlan, in any case, declined to give their names. 

Dela Rosa met with people from the Regional Peace and Order Council and head of city and typical police work environments. source

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