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PHL defends drug war at ASEAN Summit

VIENTIANE - The Philippines on Tuesday protected a surge in killings since Rodrigo Duterte got to be president more than two months back, giving out a 38-page handout at a local summit applauding his battle against unlawful medications in which thousands have kicked the bucket. 

"We are not butchers who simply slaughter individuals for no evident reason," understands one page of the booklet, refering to the Philippines' feisty national police boss, Ronald Dela Rosa. 

The flyer was dispersed at a Southeast Asian and East Asian summit in Laos that was dominated on Tuesday by the cancelation of a meeting amongst Duterte and Barack Obama after the Philippine president propelled a tirade against his US partner. 

Duterte cleared to control in May on guarantees to wipe out wrongdoing and defilement inside six months, swearing to wage a war on street pharmacists and smash far reaching dependence on methamphetamines in the nation of 100 million. 

There has been mainstream bolster for Duterte's crusade however the killings have brought articulations of worry from the United States, a nearby Philippine partner, and the United Nations.

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