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MUST WATCH: 7 Months Pregnant Woman Arrested By NBI After Being Caught In The Act Of Using Illegal Drugs!

A pregnant woman named Alma Castañeda was caught in the act of using illegal drugs by the authority of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in the held anti-drug operation at Pasig City

Woman was caught using drugs with her husband, Marcos Castañeda when the NBI came. 5 sachets of suspected shabu and other drug paraphernalias was acquired by the authorities.

They were also accused that they let their customers molest their daughter every after they use drugs which the two denied. Mrs. Castañeda also said that they were not pushers of illegal drugs but they were just users instead.

According to NBI, they will do another follow-up operations to caught all the other users of illegal drugs in the area. [source]

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