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MUST READ: A Beggar warns people minutes before night market blast

The besieging in Roxas night advertise in Davao stunned the whole nation and the Dabawenyos. After the impact that left 14 dead, netizens from Davao shared experience that a poor person, wearing dark, was likely cautioned them. 

"You go home after you eat, there is a seismic tremor" professedly said by the poor person in the wake of asking cash from the night advertise clients. The old lady let them know minutes before the bleeding blast. 

Perused the screenshots of facebook statuses (with interpretation) from various individuals in Davao. The screenshots were transferred by a specific Ashley Travilla. Genuine or not, it's dependent upon you to choose.

” While eating at the Roxas night market, an old lady approached us and asked us money. She didn’t thank us but she left a message instead. ” You go home, there is an earthquake later.” She may be intentionally used ‘earthquake’ so not to cause panic.”

” Have you encountered this woman? I think she knows about the bombing. She asked me money because her son/daughter got sick. After I gave her P5, she warned us to go home early for there will be a strong earthquake. Maybe, she didn’t want us to panic if she said there was a bomb”

“We ate at Roxas. An old lady asked us money. We gave her nothing. Then she said we needed to go home as soon as we finish eating. Then, when we got home, a bomb exploded. Thank God we’re safe”

” I saw an old lady at the ukay ukay. Maybe she is mentally-ill.  She was opening a black bag that time in front of us. Then she walked away. When I got home, I read the news that Roxas was bombed.”   source

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