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LOOK: A photo of AFP fighting againts Abu Sayaff went viral

Actual pictures of the military having a rest in the place in fighting against Abu Sayaf. These armies leave their homes and families in call of duty for their beloved country.

Regarding the crime happening in Mindanao such as kidnapping and hostage taking, a battalion of the military was sent in Jolo Sulu to fight these crimes. Each battalion has different leaders and operation strategies to perform their duty successfully even their life were at risk.

The soldiers were deployed in the area to evade and find out where the rebel hides as long as their vehicle and equipment can still be available to be used in the area. The soldiers were first needed to clear the area of civilians before an open fire is called.

The military seems so determined to accomplish their mission even though it’s very hard. They sacrifice their own comfort for the safety of everyone in the country. A lot of Netizens became emotional with these photos of soldiers in their inconvenient situation still they fight for the love of the country.

In some comments says that may God bless and protect these brave and courageous soldiers of protecting us. A lot of people admire the military for their courage that even to the point of death and last drop of their blood they are willing to risk their life.

Truly the soldiers in the country deserve to be a hero for all the things that they do for our country. May the Lord protect and bless them as they fight with Abu Sayaf. [source]

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