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Lacson to Trillanes and De Lima: 'You believe him when obviously he's lying? You are dumber than Matobato!"

While some senators may be smarter than first-grader Senate “witness” Edgar Matobato, two senators may be dumber than the self-described hitman, Sen. Panfilo Lacson hinted Sunday.
“Some senators are smarter than a first grader. Two senators are dumber than the same first grader,” he said.
Only two senators – Leila de Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV – have so far been vocal in supporting Matobato, who linked President Duterte to killings in Mindanao.
Trillanes had even claimed Matobato was being badgered by senators only because he was a first-grader.
Earlier, Lacson said he does not find Matobato’s claims credible, after finding several “material” inconsistencies in his statements. [source]

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