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You are not telling the truth! Lacson questioned De Lima for the favored treatment Sebastian got when she was Justice Secretary

If Jaybee Sebastian, the “favored” convict at the New Bilibid Prison, were indeed a government intelligence asset, he would have been found out and become useless as an informant.
On this note, Sen. Panfilo Lacson questioned Sen. Leila de Lima’s explanation for the preferential treatment Sebastian got when she was justice secretary.
“I used to have intel assets ‘recruited in place’. I didn’t treat them differently from our targets, otherwise they’d get ‘burned’ and killed,” Lacson, who headed the Philippine National Police from 1999 to 2001, said on his Twitter account (https://twitter.com/iampinglacson/status/779251725303582724).
He said assets should not be given special treatment as they could get found out and even ganged up on by fellow inmates.
At the House of Representatives hearings on de Lima’s alleged links to the drug trade, former police officer Rodolfo Magleo claimed de Lima would visit Sebastian’s hut in the penitentiary’s maximum security compound, alone.
Magleo was convicted of kidnapping.
Those who testified at the House hearings also claimed Sebastian forced them to sell drugs to help fund de Lima’s then campaign for the Senate.  [source]

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