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Lacson compliments Paquiao 'Sen. Pacquiao did a splendid interpellation. He exposed a lying witness'

Contrary to what his critics claim, Sen. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao may just have what it takes to expose a lying witness.
The compliment came from Sen. Panfilo Lacson, who on Friday lauded Pacquiao for his “splendid” interpellation of self-proclaimed witness Edgar Matobato.
Lacson, who had his share of exposes since becoming senator in 2001, also said he felt sorry for Matobato and his “coaches” – Senators Leila de Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV.
“Sen. Pacquiao did a splendid interpellation. He exposed a lying witness – one who can’t remember the details of his previous testimony. Indeed, when one is stating the truth, there is no way he can forget. Upon the other hand, a coached or a lying witness forgets his narration of events and circumstances over a certain period of time,” Lacson said in a statement.
He also noted how Matobato would occasionally look to the direction of de Lima and Trillanes “almost each time before he would respond to questions by the senators.”
Lacson added that while Matobato claimed his last hit was in January 2013, a lawyer from Cagayan de Oro identified him when he saw him on TV last Sept. 15 as the gunman who ambushed him on Oct. 23, 2014.
Lacson also enumerated several reasons to doubt Matobato’s claims:
– Matobato claimed on Sept. 22 he has not executed an affidavit before but actually had on Sept. 4, 2014
– Matobato flip-flopped on several material points like the manner of killing people, including strangling, chopping up the body parts, slitting the throat and stabbing several times
– Matobato claimed killing four bodyguards of former Speaker Prospero Nograles but testified later that the four were actually men of Generals Jovito Palparan Jr. and Eduardo Matillano but detailed only with Nograles.

Lacson noted Matillano texted him to reject Matobato’s testimony that he had people detailed with Nograles since he was already detailed with the Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group (PASG) since 2009, and the PASG did not assign people to other units.
Also, Lacson noted Matobato could not make up his mind if he was indeed ordered by then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to kill several people or not.
“I’m not sure anymore which in his testimony is true or not. I’m sorry for him as well as for my two colleagues,” Lacson said. [source]

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