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Japanese firm who acquired P8.8 Billion contract with the Philippine government is starting to build our first Philippine warship. The firm said the ships will be received on September by the Philippine Coast Guard.

The Department of Transportation and Communications has a project that will upgrade the PCG’s (Philippine Coast Guard) capability to guard our seas. This is a ten 40-meter multi-role response vessel or MRRV’s.

“This project is part of government’s program to equip our forces with necessary assets to protect the national marine interest. These 10 new vessels will help the Coast Guard in its functions of maritime law enforcement, search-and-rescue operations, and upholding maritime security within Philippines Seas,” DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya said.
The warship project was called Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project, as awarded by the JMU (Japan Maritime United Corp.)

The first breakthrough of the construction of warships are keel laying. Steel cutting works are about to be completed and the materials are ready for assembly. 

Anzen-Kigan-Sai led the traditional prayer ceremony for construction in the Shinto traditional ceremony.

Okd2 quoted Abaya saying, “Through this meaningful ceremony, we appreciate the start of construction of the first vessel, and also highlight the full implementation of the Maritime Safety improvement Project (MSCIP) after many years of hard work and close cooperation with Japan.”

Reports are saying that these said ships are much alike with what Japan and US use in their self-defense forces. The ship is equipped with Phalanx CIWS defense system, surface to air missiles, torpedo tubes and cruise missiles.

The Japan International Cooperation subsidized the project through their official development assistance. The first Philippine warship is anticipated to come in the country in September and the other vessels are foretold to come quarterly which will start in December, then the final delivery of the ship will come in August of 2018.   [source]

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