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Duterte’s ultimatum to corrupt gov’t officials: Stop or I’ll skin you alive!

President Rodrigo Duterte has had enough of government officials who continue to do corrupt activities even when he’s been clear about his desire to run a clean bureacracy.
Facing reporters in Davao City Friday (Sept. 30) after his trip from Vietnam, Duterte appealed to government workers not to tempt him to “go into a massive purge of government workers and officials.”
In particular, the President called out those who steal money from public coffers to the point that the poor do not get the services or benefits they deserve.
“Skip that. I will really skin you alive,” he told government officials.
“I’m warning those in government. I promised the people a clean government. Huwag ninyo akong hiyain,” he said.
Duterte warned that he would read the names of corrupt government officials and ask them to resign if they do not mend their ways.
“Pag ayaw mo mag-resign, ibulong kita doon sa mga addict at ‘yun ang nag-squeal sayo. Sige, go ahead. Do not force me to place you in a very uncomfortable and awkward position,” he said. [source]

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