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Duterte wants to be treated normal like ordinary people so people can come to him anytime

If there’s one thing President Rodrigo Duterte dislikes about his position, it’s the reality that he now has to be guarded round the clock and up close by a group of trained men and women known as the Presidential Security Group.
While some politikos would relish having a big security detail, Duterte said he’s not a fan of the PSG because his security aides keep him away from people.
In his speech before the Filipino community in Vietnam Thursday (Sept. 29), Duterte recalled telling members of the PSG after it was apparent that he won the presidential race not to form a human barricade around him.
He said he liked being around people because he was also part of the ordinary crowd before he became a politiko.
“Ang mga tao sa Davao, sanay mag-embrace, ganon,” Duterte said.
But now that he’s President, Duterte he doesn’t have a choice but to accept that people can’t get as close to him like he wants to.
“Pero ngayon kasi, I’m sad. Huwag niyo ako hawakan dito kasi ganunin ng ano ‘yan,” he said while making making a gesture of warding off his hand.
“Yung iba kasing PSG talagang ganunin ‘yang kamay mo kasi kung mag-ganun ka tapos bigla nalang parang hampasin ang kamay mo tapos sabihin, do not…,” he added.
In jest, Duterte said he was able to embrace all beautiful ladies in Vietnam. [source]

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