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Duterte to De Lima 'You will surely go to jail, I'm giving a go signal to justice department to file criminal charges against you'

President Rodrigo Duterte confidently said that his staunch critic Senator Leila De Lima will end up in jail.
According to President Duterte, during the oath taking of the officers of the MalacaƱang Press Corps, Presidential Photojournalists Association, and the MalacaƱang Cameramen Association testimonies from the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) convicts will pin De Lima down as they accuse her of receiving drug money.
He said: "Now that she (De Lima) is in trouble, she wants to drag me. She will really go to jail. I'm sure of that because of the testimonial evidence."
He added that Se Lima will surely land in jail when all five witnesses could testify that they contributed money. "So on a national scale…who brought in the narco politics? It is here already," he stated.
When Duterte was asked if he is giving the justice department a go-signal to file charges against the Senator, he said "Yes of course" and added that cases could be filed once the investigations are finished. He also confidently said that he is sure of his evidence.
The president mentioned that plenty of cases that are non-biable could be filed against De Lima who has been criticizing his administration's war against illegal drugs.
Duterte stated: "She's (de Lima) the one who should be worried. Those are serious charges. She should not adopt a nonchalant attitude about all of these things. I said she opened the portals of narco-politics to take hold in the national level."
NBP inmates testified against De Lima, accusing her of receiving millions worth of money from illegal drug transactions inside the prison. [source]


  1. Sen. De Lima - "His staunch critic" - kaya ang galit and vengeance ni PED against Sen. De Lima is to hell and back. This started when Sen. De Lima was at CHR and she subjected PED to questioning in relation with the countless DDS - EJK cases in Davao and complaints from people. May narcissistic personality disorder kasi si PED, so he can't accept any critique which he considers as violation of his person ..

  2. De Lima is daydreaming thinking she is still wielding enormous power during the time of BS Aquino that she became so powerful as to provide protection to big-time drug lords inside NBP (National Bilibid Prison) and making her shameless immoral character to choose whoever was "macho" enough to meet her criteria like, Jaybee Sebastian and Ronnie Dayan, and a lot if others who met her meticulous carnal desire that can make her happy! She deserves to rot in jail!

  3. I guess the EJK cases in Davao against Duterte when he was still Mayor had no substance to it because of the fact that De Lima did not see the case through when she was still DOJ. She probably saw that there was no case to begin with that's why she didn't pursue it.


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