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Duterte slams the group who told him to study statemanship 'Presidente ako, hindi statesman!'

Some groups have called on President Duterte to take statesmanship 101 lessons following his profanity-laced attacks against his critics here and abroad.
The President, known for his potty mouth and boorish behavior, however proudly declared he isn’t a statesman and has no plan to learn how to be one.
“Kapag minsan, sabi nila na hindi daw ako statesman, eh hindi naman ako nag-apply ng position na statesman, nag-apply ako ng posisyong presidente, nag-elect ako,” said Duterte during a visit in Cagayan de Oro on Thursday (September 22).
Duterte said he does not even know how to sound and dress like a statesman. He said he was just a “small town mayor” from Davao City who has been elected President of the country.
“Statesman, I don’t know how he would dress, I do not even know how he would open a statement. But what I know is that I have to serve the greater interest of the Filipino people,” said the former mayor of Davao City. 
“I never took a course of statesmanship, and I do not intend to be one,” he said. [source]

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