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Duterte rocks ‘Maong Tagalog’ in Laos

At this point, we realize that President Rodrigo Duterte has the balls to say anything he needs to anyone. Clearly, he'll wear whatever he satisfies to any occasion, as well. 

For his landing respects in Laos on Monday night, the Philippine pioneer wore his now-signature Barong Tagalog and denim pants combo, which his associates tenderly call "Maong Tagalog". 

Duterte, whose intense talk and populist position shot him to the administration last May, is known for his effortlessness and what-you-see-is-the thing that you-get state of mind. 

"Digong" flew into Vientiane, Laos on board a contracted Philippine Airlines flight from Davao City. He is around the local area for the 28th and 29th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summits. 

It's Duterte's first outside of the country trip. source

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