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Duterte: 'Mapapamura ka talaga sa laki ng problema ng droga sa bansa'

Those hoping that President Rodrigo Duterte would tone down, if not get rid of his propensity to curse, better give up this early because there is no way the Chief Executive would eliminate invectives from his speech.
Facing reporters after touring a shabu laboratory in Pampanga Tuesday (Sept. 27), Duterte said it is but normal for an angry person to curse.
“Wag niyong pakinggan ang mura ko. Taong galit talaga nagmumura,” he said.
Since each person has an individual character, Duterte said no one should try to change him.
“Do not try to hope that I’ll change my character. I am I and you are you. If we meet in one corner and we can understand each other, fine. But if we cannot get each other’s guts, pasenysa. Talagang nagmumura ako,” he said.
Following the May 9 elections, Duterte promised a metamorphosis once he assumed office on June 30.
“I am not yet president. Maya maya, maghintay kayo. I’m really a rude person. I’m enjoying my last time as a rude person,” he said.
“When I become president, when I take my oath of office… ibang storya na yun… There will be a metamorphosis,” Duterte added.
After starting his term, however, the President still peppered his speeches with invectives. He even hurled a “f*** y**” to the European Union after its parliament expressed concern over his bloody anti-drug war.
His profanity-laden tirade also caused United States President Barack Obama to cancel their meeting at the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit in Laos earlier this month. [source]

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