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Bato Reveals His Basic Salary: Wondering Why He Can't Be Bribed?

Gift is one irrefutable probability that may happen just anyplace – may it be in an administration or private office or to a conventional individual or to the most elevated authorities. What can just piece it is the nobility of the individual and the will to maintain his or her obligation with trustworthiness and equity. 

In a late news report in Inquirer, the head of the Philippine National Police, PNP Dir. Gen. Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa recognized gift and guaranteed the citizenry that he can't be paid off. 

Beside the obvious assurance of the PNP boss to maintain his obligations, Bato additionally uncovered his month to month living which makes him view himself as the 'wealthiest cop in the Philippines' as the report states. 

As Philippine National Police boss, his essential pay and stipends keep running up to P133,114 a month, which is just about six times the P22,696 regularly scheduled pay of the most minimal Police Officer 1 (PO1).

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