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Bato: Duterte is angry as f*ck

The fear based oppressors have truly earned President Rodrigo Duterte's goat this time. 

Two days after the Davao City night showcase impact, Dutete is as yet "seething of course", as per Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa. 

"Expected natin na galit dad rin, galit sa pangyayari," Dela Rosa said of Duterte taking after a meeting Sunday (September 4). 

"Pag siya'y galit talaga pinapakita niya sa siya'y naiinis, siya'y nagagalit. At ah… hindi ko na kailangan string sabihin ang mga detalye," the PNP boss included. 

The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) has guaranteed obligation regarding the blast along Roxas Avenue, which slaughtered 14 regular folks including ladies and youngsters. Exactly 60 other individuals were injured. 

It ought to be noticed that the ASG hit Duterte where it hurts–Davao City, the place where the politiko earned notoriety as its extraordinary chairman. 

Duterte has been exchanging insults with the outlaw gathering throughout recent months, especially regarding the last's decapitation of seizing casualties. The president has pledged to complete them off. source

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