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A NAIA Janitor Returns Bag Containing $4,400 To A Balikbayan

janitor in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) returned a bag containing money worth $4,400 or P211,708 to a balikbayan after he lost it during his arrival.

Bobby Duarte, a 31-year-old janitor, was cleaning a comfort room in Terminal 1 when he found a bag containing the money and identification cards of the owner which he used in locating the owner.

The owner, 71-year-old Reynaldo Domingo Bautista, accidentally left his bag while using the comfort room after he arrived last Feb.4 from San Francisco.

Bautista had no idea he lost his money until the airport police called him after Duarte returned the money at the lost and found section of the Intelligence and Investigation Division.

Bautista thanked Duarte for returning his belongings, which he admits that he forgot when he arrived and went straight home.

For his honesty, NAIA Terminal 1 manager Dante Basanta recommended Duarte to theManila International Airport Authority Praise Board.

It is unknown what are the other benefits Duarte received for his act. [source]

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