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3,000 Sulu residents volunteers to fight against Abu Sayyaf

Approximately 3,000 residents of Patikul, Barangay Anuling, Sulu have volunteered to help the government troops and policemen handle the threat against the terror group Abu Sayyaf – the main suspect in the Davao City explosion last Friday which took the lives of 15 people.
The volunteer group – called the Barangay Peace Action Team (BPAT) – will help out in reporting suspicious activities in the area and in participating in armed combat against the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.
One of the members of BPAT is Lolo Kadel – a 64-year-old resident who is willing to fight the Abu Sayyaf for all the troubles the group had caused in his province.
“Nagkagulo-gulo, nasira buhay naming dahil sa kanila,” lolo Kadel said.
(They caused chaos, our lives were destroyed because of them.)
According to the elderly resident, he is willing to give up his life to protect his home against the terrorists.
“Kapag nagtangka silang pumasok pa dito sa lugar namin, lalaban ako sa kanila hanggang patayan,” he added.
(If they try to enter our area, I will fight them to the death.)
The local government in Sulu is also willing to find ways on how to legalize the residents’ use of their firearms against the bandit group.
“Yung mga personal na gamit, kaysa sa magamit doon sa masamang pamamaraan o sa masamang aktibidades, ay itulong na lang natin sa gobyerno para ma-sugpo yung ating problema dito sa Abu Sayyaf po,” Governor Toto Tan explained.
(Our personal weapons, instead of using them in evil ways or evil activities, let us just use them to help the government solve the problem with the Abu Sayyaf.)
Netizens applauded the courage of the volunteer residents in Sulu.
“Hindi na takot ngayon ang mga sibilyan sa Mindanao dahil alam nila na ang gobyernong Duterte ay hindi ningas kugon sa pagsugpo sa mga kriminal at bandidong tulad ng Abu Sayyaf,” a netizen wrote.
(The civilians in Mindanao are no longer afraid because they know that the government under Duterte is relentless in its efforts to crush the criminals and bandits like the Abu Sayyaf.)
Around 10,000 soldiers have been sent to Sulu in order to eliminate the bandit group. [source]

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